Seattle's Performers​


SP ELITE is comprised of 16-20 students who audition to get into the groups. This performance group attends the Junior National Theatre Festival. SP ELITE has been honored to receive an excellence in Acting award in 2019 for their performance of Into the Woods and 2020 for their performance of Guys and Dolls. The JTF West Festival is typically held in February, but this year it will be held in May. Our ELITE group will be performing Seussical! Auditions for 2021/2022 will take place in June. Look for audition notices on our website, newsletter and social media.

SP ELITE- Students auditioned for this group in June of 2020. The cost of the Elite group is $1000-$1500 depending on travel expenses.

Our Junior Elite program is a building blocks program to our ELITE group. SP staff will send invitations to join these groups. Students are selected from productions, and classes throughout the year. Students are  currently being selected For 2020. We will have two Junior Elite groups Comets, and Stars. Students will be invited to join a group

COMETS: Will be comprised of Elementary aged students and Middle School Students

STARS: Will be comprised of Middle School and High School Aged students.

SP Junior Elite- Program will run October 11th-April 25th.  The cost for this group is only $250. Students rehearse twice a month. The classes will meet virtually until it is determined safe to meet in person.